Our purpose

we help individuals, teams and organisations to be their best

We identify

improvement opportunities in all aspects of business

We engage

individuals and teams in the change and continuous improvement process

We develop

skills and capabilities

We deliver

results and build a sustainable continuous improvement culture

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Our Services:

We help business owners and leaders to recognise and successfully implement improvement opportunities in all aspects of business. Our proven BOS-Ex Framework provides qualified advice and tailored assistance across Business, Operations and Sales Excellence.


• are practitioners not consultants
• have a vast amount of “hands-on” business, operations and sales experience
• work with you to successfully lead, manage and implement change
• embed sustainable improvements
• follow up and follow through


Leadership, Culture & Teamwork

• Vision and purpose
• Leadership
• Organisation and cultural change
• People development
• High performance teams

Business Acumen

• Budgeting and forecasting
• Pricing
• Cash flow, profit and loss
• Inventory management
• Invoicing
• Financing

Technical & Functional Capabilities

• Develop BOS-Ex skills and capabilities:
– Business
– Operations
– Sales

Management, Planning & Monitoring

• Strategy
• Prioritisation and planning
• Goal setting
• Performance measurement, monitoring & review
• Effective decision making and problem solving
• Time management
• Project Management

Systems & Processes

• Key system and process identification
• Process mapping and design
• System and process optimisation and standardisation

Innovation & Continuous Improvement

• Benchmarking
• Generate improvement ideas
• Value stream mapping
• Use data to create insight
• Improvement and innovation teams
• Plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle

Technology & Equipment

• Identify, effectively implement new technology
• Optimise new technology
• Ensure fit-for-purpose equipment
• Equipment operations
• Maintenance strategy
• Maintenance management


We work globally with a significant track record in facilitating and leading change and
continuous improvement across many business areas and industries.

Business Areas

  • Business change and optimisation
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Business restructuring
  • Productivity improvement
  • Cost and waste reduction
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Product and service development
  • Project management
  • Workplace Health and Safety


  • Manufacturing
  • Electricity, oil, gas, water
  • Mining
  • Engineering and construction
  • Logistics, transport, warehousing
  • Government
  • Ports and stevedoring
  • Retail
  • Information media and telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Sport and recreation
  • Education and training
  • Not-for-profit

Our Clients

Our People

Our highly skilled team of practitioners is truly committed to building long term relationships that deliver quality and sustainable results.
Each of our experienced professionals has more than 20 years’ specific management experience as an executive or senior leader working with some of Australia’s most influential companies.


LEAD C.I.is hosting a series of BOS-Ex Breakfast events at the Newcastle Business Club. We’re bringing together a group of like-minded and selected leaders to learn more about our proven BOS-Ex Framework that focuses on developing business, operations and sales excellence. Our aim is to create an open conversation where people can share, and be inspired by, real experiences and solutions. If you’d like to receive an official invitation please complete and send this form.

Look forward to seeing you there and having a chat.
–        4th December, 2019
We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third parties. For information on our privacy policy please contact us at graeme.cotton@leadci.com


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